Client privacy is our number one priority at BizTrend and we take every pre-caution to protect your data. No different than visiting your CPA at tax time, we take the same precautions in managing your information. As added precaution, we let the client clear the financial data from the system after you harvest the graphs and reports needed. Here are some other rules that we manage by:

  • Employees are trained on the proper handing of information.
  • Data is stored on a server that is protected behind multiple firewalls in a secured facility.
  • Information is not sold or rented to anyone.
  • We will co-brand with business partners the BizTrend product. We will clearly identify co-branded sites by displaying the BizTrend on the site. The parties that will co-brand the product include accounting firms, banks, business consultants and tax preparers that may likely already have a relationship with you or you do other business with.
  • We would only disclose your information if we are required by law such as court order, subpoena or search warrant.

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