BizTrend's Financial Dashboard delivers Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting to executives, business professionals, business owners, investors, board of directors, lenders, business coaches and the accounting and finance teams who require timely financial reporting, yet do not have the time, tools or expertise to extract and display meaningful results from today's complex accounting systems.

Gone is the delay from having to crunch data in Excel before financial reports can be produced and distributed. Now, financial data can be shared on the web in minutes and the user is assured the latest up-to-date information without having to worry about Excel formula errors or distribution issues. Printing, copying, handling and distributing a myriad of reports is no longer required. When errors are detected or adjustments are made, there's no need to secure the return of and disposal of Excel files, online reports or paper copies that need revising, and then go through the whole printing and delivering process again.

The tight integration to the financial software solution is provided by a BizTrend Link which exports a snapshot of the current financials to a secure web browser. The transfer of data from financial system to BizTrend takes minutes, providing immediate access to the latest financial results.

Then BizTrend provides clients the ability to use their web browser to access a simple yet powerful Financial Dashboard displaying financial and operational metrics to ensure immediate visibility into the current financial health of the organization. The Financial Dashboard also provides the ability to drill down to the transaction level and also view years of historical data.

BizTrend is hosted in a SaaS (Software as a Service) environment, eliminating the need for customers to provide hardware or manage installation and maintenance of software. As a result of the SaaS delivery method, new users are up to speed and using all of the BizTrend tools in minutes, not days or weeks!

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