"Profitability is a state of mind. Experience tells us that if management concentrates on the fundamentals and consistently follows up, there is no reason why we can't achieve profits year after year" - Charles Knight, CEO Emerson Electric on more than 30 years of increased earnings.

The BizTrend solution is designed so businesses can use the power of web dashboards and KPI (Key Performance Indicator Reporting) to monitor the progress and health of their company. Why stop after producing a Profit or Loss statement and Balance Sheet when you can enjoy a graphical presentation that pulls it all together. BizTrend has developed an application that simply requires the use of a browser to access and share your business drivers.

Product Features:
Company Dashboard

The hosted BizTrend system provides a powerful gateway to your business drivers. All authorized users will login to this page and see the four top performance indicators as determined by you. The page also provides a snapshot to tell you if your current ratios are up or down from the previous month. Finally provide comments to your users on the results.


Return on Equity Model

It is not uncommon for even experienced financial personnel to struggle with how to tie the Profit and Loss Statement with the Balance Sheet to determine the health of the company. The DuPont model enables a company to evaluate changes over time, compare themselves to the industry, educate a team on how they can impact results plus link results to compensation schemes. The results enables a company to evaluate changes over time, compare to industry, educate team on how they can impact results and can be linked to compensation schemes.


Manage Financial and Operational Key Indicators

BizTrend provides a page for both financial and operational metrics. On each page you will be able to see the many graphs and metrics to evaluate your business.
A sample follows:


Historical Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Analysis

BizTrend imports all of your historical QuickBooks files so period over period analysis is available. This provides real-time assurance that long-term improvements are on track.


Exports to Excel or E-mail to team

Share the power of collaboration by exporting to Excel or e-mailing a key chart to a specific department or person.


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